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Video is great, and with developments in web delivery, mobile delivery, 4k and 8k televisions, etc, it certainly isn't going anywhere in the foreseeable future. But a dream of the past has finally come to life - real, accessible, immersive experiences. More than a platform, augmented reality and virtual reality are a new paradigm in content creation and user experience. As the world will soon learn, virtual reality is much more than just a new way to play video games. Technology such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and the Samsung Gear by Oculus will forever change how we interact with content. This bold new frontier also includes the Microsoft Hololens and, the soon to be resurrected, Google Glass, both of which focus more on augmented reality.


Thorne Media is quickly positioning itself as a regional leader in this new frontier. Check out some projects we've created here in our studio. If you're looking to position your brand with VR & AR content, please reach out to our client team via our Contact page for a quote or you can always reach us at our social channels below! 

Pop Pop Boom Boom
Our first VR game featured on the Steam Store is HERE! 
Survive wave after wave of BOOM in this zany and surprisingly addictive First Person POPPER.
      - Train and unlock single-use weapons and traps
      - Upgrade your defenses
      - Hit streaks for exploding rewards!
      - Test your reflexes with mini games!
      - Hours and hours of game play!
Face to Face with Dinosaurs

We've experienced the humbling size of their fossil remains. We've seen them brought to life on the big screen. Now, through specially engineered virtual reality technology, we plunge deep into the world of dinosaurs for unforgettable face-to-face encounters with some of  the biggest, most fascinating lifeforms to ever have roamed our planet.


As much care as we have taken to stress that VR is not only for games, we know that gaming is an important componant of the new VR landscape. As gamers ourselves, we're as excited as Mario at a pole vault competition for the coming wave of immersive gaming. That excitement and an Oculus developer's kit led to us creating our demo game, Orbits. Orbits is a mini game built to highlight the relationship between Oculus Rift and the Leap Motion controller. 

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